Kashruth refers to the set of Jewish dietary laws derived from the Torah and set in accordance with strict Jewish tradition.

Kosher Care offers a variety of services that are geared toward ensuring the food preparation operations at health care facilities abide by the fundamental halachic requirements required by Jewish Law. All food-related operations are performed in accordance with the rulings of trusted rabbinical authorities and poskim.

In addition to providing basic kashruth certification, the services offered by Kosher Care include:

  • Basic training and in-servicing of dietary staff to familiarize them with proper kashruth protocol
  • Implementing practical suggestions for dairy/meat designation and operations
  • Initial kashering and tevilas keilim
  • Annual pre-Pesach cleaning and kashering
  • Daily mashgiach visits at various intervals including weekends

The comprehensive and organized kashruth system developed by Kosher Care has been successfully implemented in various health care facilities within quick timeframes and effective frameworks.