Kosher Care is a recognized kashruth certification and supervisory agency specializing in upholding the highest possible kosher dietary standards for health care facilities across the metropolitan region.

With corporate headquarters situated in Brooklyn, NY, Kosher Care has developed a comprehensive and organized kosher certification system that resolves the typical halachic challenges faced by many facilities within health care industry. The experts at Kosher Care have created easy-to-implement kashruth solutions that streamlines the supervisory process and reduces potential errors.

Kosher Care was founded over a decade ago by Rabbi Yaakov Goldbaum, a kashruth expert renowned within the commercial food industry for his knowledge, practicality and expertise.

Ordained at the largest Talmudical College in America, Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, Rabbi Goldbaum’s work has served to benefit health care facilities seeking to abide by kashruth standards in a sensible way that meets the basic halachic requirements dictated by Jewish Law.